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Division of Alzheimer's- Department of
Mental Health- State of Mississippi


Division of Aging- State of Mississippi


Mississippi Alzheimer’s Association




Mississippi Clinical Trials-Alzheimer’s




Discounted Phone Services:
Discounted Phone Services for Elders Lifeline telephone service is a service through AT&T for qualified low income Mississippians. 1.800.288.2020 or

Another discounted phone service for ANY elder 65 years of age or older: AT&T 200 minute $30 a month senior voice plan for cell phones.


Elder Abuse:
Mississippi Attoreny General Office

Mississippi Dept. of Human Services


Driving Assessments
North MS Medical Center in Tupelo (662) 377-7215, Starkville area T.K. Martin Center (662.325.1028) and Jackson area Mississippi Methodist Rehab Center in Jackson.

Heating and Cooling Assistance-- Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program: Individuals with annual income of less than $17, 990 are eligible for utility assistance. The income rises for larger households.
People 60 and up receive priority!
1-800-421-0762 or 601-359-4768